Capacity Development


According to the National Health Research Summit Report 2011, “there is a lack of health research facilities and infrastructure in academic health complexes that are required by the National Health Act of 2004 to conduct research into priority health problems of South Africans e.g. none of the 8 academic health complexes has a publicly funded clinical research centre.”


One of the ASSAf recommendations in the Revitalising of Clinical Research in South Africa Report was to create clinical research centres and health research institutes as national hubs in the academic health complexes and other national sites.   


[Source: Mayosi BM, Dhai A, Folb P, et al. Consensus Report on Revitalising Clinical Research in South Africa: A Study on Clinical Research and Related Training in South Africa. Pretoria: Academy of Science of South Africa, November 2009. ISBN978-0-981 141 59-5-6.]


It is therefore critical that all stakeholders in industry work toward developing research capacity and skills in South Africa for a sustainable clinical research environment.