Department of Science and Technology


Ten-year Innovation Plan

“The overall strategic purpose of the programme is as follows:

  • To deliver new technology-based industries to the South African economy through the development of appropriate strategic road maps for chosen sectors of the economy, including energy, space, health and biotechnology.
  • To create the appropriate policy and institutional implementation instruments in order to deliver technology products and services for the economy.
  • To develop and implement appropriate policies to promote and protect intellectual property that results from publicly financed research and development in South Africa.

The Programme has five sub-programmes:

  • Space Science and Technology.
  • Hydrogen and Energy.
  • Biotechnology and Health Innovation.
  • Innovation Planning and Instruments.
  • Radio Astronomy Advances.”

Objectives met by Clinical Research:

  • Enhance SA's knowledge-generation capabilities in frontier area of science.
  • Enhance SA's competitiveness.
  • Increase SA's world share of knowledge outputs.
  • Create an innovation-literate society.
  • Help SA become a world leader in biotech and pharmaceuticals.
  • Position SA as a strategic international RDI partner and destination.
  • Create a skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth plan."