Department of Trade and Industry


In terms of the National Industrial Policy Framework (NIPF) and the Industrial Action Plan, (IPAP), the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa has been identified as a priority industry by the South African government to fuel economic growth going forward in order to meet the growth objectives of ASGI-SA. (Reference: Industrial Policy Action Plan 2011/12 - 2013/14 and National Industry Policy Framework)


Objectives met by clinical research:

  • Promote employment creation.
  • Help reduce current reliance on traditional commodities and non-tradeable services.
  • Move towards a knowledge economy.
  • Promote a more labour-absorbing industrialisation path with increased participation of historically disadvantaged people and marginalised regions in the industrial economy.
  • Contribute towards industrial developments in Africa with a strong emphasis on building the continent's productive capacity.
  • Increase skills development and specialised education.